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Get Enough Folic Acid

It's important for everyone who can get pregnant or is planning to get pregnant to take a daily supplement with 400 to 800 micrograms (mcg) of folic a ... Read More

Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Health care during pregnancy is called prenatal care. Getting prenatal care can help you have a healthier baby. It also lowers the risk of your baby b ... Read More

Talk with Your Doctor About Newborn Screening

Talk about newborn screening with your doctor or midwife before your baby is born. Newborn screening includes tests that check for certain diseases an ... Read More

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding (also known as nursing) is very healthy for you and your baby. Breast milk or formula is the only food or liquid your baby needs for abo ... Read More

Gestational Diabetes Screening: Questions for the Doctor

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that some people develop during pregnancy. When you have diabetes, there's too much glucose (sugar) in your ... Read More

Eat Healthy While Breastfeeding: Quick Tips

Breastfeeding has many benefits for moms and babies. For example, breastfeeding can: Help protect your baby from infections and illnesses, like ... Read More

Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: Quick Tips

When you're pregnant, you need more of certain nutrients — like protein, iron, folic acid, iodine, and choline. It’s also important to get enough calc ... Read More

Preventing Preeclampsia: Questions for the Doctor

If you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, ask your doctor or midwife about your risk for preeclampsia — also called toxemia. If you’re at h ... Read More

Stay Active During Pregnancy: Quick Tips

Physical activity is important for everyone, including people who are pregnant. Staying active during pregnancy can help you feel better right away — ... Read More
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