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Get Vaccines to Protect Your Health (Adults Age 50 Years or Older)

Older adults need to get vaccines (shots) to prevent serious diseases. Protect your health by getting all your vaccines on schedule. If you're ag ... Read More

Get Vaccines to Protect Your Health (Adults Ages 19 to 49 Years)

Adults need to get vaccines (shots) just like kids do. Make sure you're up to date on your vaccines to help protect your health.Get a flu vaccine ever ... Read More

Get Your Child the HPV Vaccine

All pre-teens need 2 doses of the HPV vaccine (shot) when they are age 11 or 12.What is HPV?HPV (human papillomavirus) is a very common infection that ... Read More

Get Your Child’s Vaccines on Schedule

Vaccines (also called shots or immunizations) help protect children from serious diseases. Getting your child vaccinated also protects other people in ... Read More

Get Your Pre‑teen’s Vaccines on Schedule

Doctors recommend that all pre-teens ages 11 and 12 years get important vaccines (also called shots or immunizations) to protect against serious disea ... Read More

Protect Yourself from Seasonal Flu

Everyone age 6 months and older  needs to get a flu vaccine every year. Seasonal flu vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and others fro ... Read More

Protect Yourself from Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a virus that spreads from person to person through blood, semen (cum), and fluids from the vagina. A mother with hepatitis B can also p ... Read More
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